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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Who me?

Yes.  It's now official.  I will be appearing on the fringe of the Cheltenham Literary Festival, taking part in an event being staged at the Daffodil restaurant.  www.thedaffodil.com/

The Daffodil is a 1920s cinema which has been sympathetically restored.  It's not just a restaurant, it hosts other functions.  I attended a wedding there some years ago.  During the fortnight of the Literary Festival it is putting on 'Tea at the Daffodil' every afternoon, where the tea goers can meet an author.  

I'll be there on the afternoon of October 7th - reading from my book, TORN, talking about myself and answering questions.  Times and exact details to follow, when I know them.  Don't all rush at once.

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Arte Umbria said...

I think this is very exciting and so wish I could come. Are you able to record it either sound, or on a video. It would be great to see it !