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Friday, January 19, 2018

Winter in the Cotswolds

I know I'm lucky to live where we do.  Today the valley dropping away beyond my house is a picture of blue and green, the pond at the bottom a silver mirror to the sky, the scene is lit by the winter sun.

My cottage taken from the neighbours house  across the road 

But  over the winter - in November
and again directly after Christmas
- we had snow here.

It lingered long enough to take some pictures.

In several of these you may notice how, when the sun 
drops, it spotlights the far side of the valley.  

Sometimes the buildings and windows panes are lit an implausible brilliant copper.


Lesley Cookman said...

Nice pictures, Gilli!

Gilli Allan said...

Thanks Lesley

Jane Risdon Author said...

A lovely post Gilli, and you are right, it is a lovely area to live. Often spent time in and around the Cotswolds, having lived in the Vale of the White Horse - another lovely area. Thanks for this. Enjoyed it.

Gilli Allan said...

Thanks Jane. gx