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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Halloween giveaway blog-hop is nearly here!!!!

Yes! The time has come to start sculpting scary pumpkin faces, lay in a stock of sweets and practise a scary cackle for Thursday, and that knock on the door by a gaggle of hungry 'trick or treaters'.

I'm doing all the above, but as an added extra this time, I've banded together with several other writers, and am taking part in a Halloween blog-hop organised by the estimable Francine Howarth. We are offering books as prizes in return for a correct answer to a question.

I have to confess straight away, that my newly published book, FLY OR FALL, has no link whatsoever to Halloween. There are no pumpkins, ghosts or witches. It's a grown up love story that has just garnered its first review. I'm thrilled to say it's a *Five Star* !

Click on the Hallowe'en link at the top to join the party, visit the other authors who are taking part, and answer the various questions.  Everyone is different.

Scroll down to the previous post to read the prologue to FLY OR FALL, then answer this question:  In the prologue to FLY OR FALL, the television is on. The antics of which cartoon character (the name please) trigger in Nell the sense that the ground is falling away beneath her feet?

Answers in the comment section. The winner of FLY OR FALL will be announced on Saturday November 2.


Lizzie Lamb said...

Bugs Bunny;,

M Pax said...

Happy Halloween to you :)

Helen Hollick said...

I'm enjoying the Hallowe'en blog hop - your book looks very interesting (even if it isn't anything to do with pumpkins LOL

Francine Howarth said...

Thanks for taking part, Gilli. Intriguing excerpt! OMG, and you recaptured the cartoon sequence so well it was there, on a phantom TV screen. ;)


Unknown said...

I'm thinking Bugs Bunny. Happy Halloween!

Unknown said...

Hallowe'en - there just aren't enough celebrations where sculpting vegetables has a major role. ENjoyed the post. G x

Gilli Allan said...

Thank you so much everyone for commenting. I agree - there aren't enough vegetable themed events in the year, Grace. gx

Gilli Allan said...

Happy Halloween. I'll announce the winner on Saturday. gx

Anonymous said...

Bugs Bunny. Very well-written!