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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Another Fabulous Review for TORN

"I loved it!" says J Wilkins. "At last, a romance with some meat on its bones, and a set of teeth.

It’s a love story for grown-ups and it’s slightly unconventional themes and considerations bring it right into the here and now. This story of divided love and commitment with its gorgeous rural setting, was right up my street/field!

Jessica the ex-city trader has escaped a violent relationship and takes her small son to a country village, hoping to find some peace and stability. She meets two men; both at opposite ends of the social scale as well as in every other way. As she becomes involved in the lives of Daniel and James, she questions everything she stands for, hopes for and believes in.

Gilli Allan does not hold back in the sex department either. She delivers the goods with the same clarity and honesty as the rest of the narrative, but then it just wouldn’t work any other way. She writes with understanding and insight. Rich in character and visual enjoyment, it is very much a feast of contemporary county life with a good dose of reality.

The plot was clever, with all it’s emotional twists and turns, and the conclusion was just perfect, albeit a little bitter sweet...and yet all perfectly plausible. Find this review on Good Reads or on Amazon.

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