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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Phew! Another 5* review - this time from Karen Bryant Doering

Karen Bryant begins by saying:

"Life Class is an adult novel, in the sense that it is a grown up story, about love, life, relationships and the road to happiness and self-acceptance....."

She goes on to give a perceptive and thoughtful overview of the story before concluding...

"I admit to having a love for British authors who bring English villages to life. The author of Life Class, Ms. Allan, does not disappoint. Her characters are full of the rich personality so often found in small towns and she brings them to life with ease and finesse. The protagonists are realistic, warm and easy to relate to, making the story easy to get lost in. The narration does not interfere with the flow of the story keeping it on track and moving forward and the descriptions of village life and locale draw the reader in.

Life Class is a moving story that will tug on the heartstrings of all but the most hardened readers, simply because it is a story of ordinary people who live ordinary lives, just as the rest of us do. How they deal with the situations many of us find ourselves in and the decisions they make is what sets this novel apart from many of its genre. Its warmth and realism bring an extra measure of both heart and life."

Thank you Karen.

For the full review go to: http://www.amazon.com/LIFE-CLASS-ebook/dp/B007XWFURQ

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