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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And another Five stars!

I won't quote all of J. Wilkins review but here are some highlights!

LIFE CLASS: "I loved it. Gilli Allan is such an accomplished writer, and she manages to combine everything I love about modern fiction....... Although her characters are instantly likable and recognizable, the plotting is not in the least predictable. Gilli Allan always manages to be original whilst remaining rooted in reality. ....These two aspects, character and plot, are tightly wound together in such a way that the motivation of both is completely believable.

She is equally masterful with description...... [and] knows her subject thoroughly and anyone with more than a passing interest in art and sculpture will not be disappointed with the depth of knowledge. It's a gentle and thoughtful, often humorous story. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have no hesitation in awarding five stars."


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