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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two more Great Reviews

This 5 Star Amazon review comes from Lyn:

TORN was a real page-turner and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Gilli's characters who were drawn with depth and understanding. Very well written, she didn't shirk from the brutal language at the beginning of the book which immediately sets the tone, or from the love/sex scenes. It's a realistic read with no sugar-coating which will appeal to those who want a 'grown-up' love story with a bit of grit. Looking forward to the next one.

And this one comes from Louise Graham:

I enjoyed reading TORN very much, Louise says. Gilli has written this book so beautifully. It is by no means Chick Lit, but instead a grown up romance novel that is heartfelt and sometime very passionate (but not inappropriately so!). Set in the gorgeous countryside, TORN is about one young mothers struggle to provide a safe life for her child away from danger and everyone she knows, in a strange new place. Before she realises what she is doing, she meet someone who seems so perfect yet has to be hidden from all those around her for reasons that become very clear early on. So much for the quiet and easy life she was looking for.  And how many of us have turned a corner onto an unexpected path...?

Torn is certainly not predictable, but that is what makes it a real page turner with a very strong ending that I never saw coming. Lovely engaging characters that expand and grow with every page you turn, and a story that really makes you think. Highly recommended.

What can I say?  Thanks guys.

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