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Friday, October 21, 2011


Yet again, I find myself writing about clouds and silver linings.

Only now, 4 days after we were due to depart, am I able to write about this without grinding my teeth.
My holiday to Italy at http://www.arteumbria.com/ was cancelled. 
I was the invalid, still recuperating from a minor operation, and looking forward SO much to a week of 'doing art' with tutors Andy James and Mark Kelland, and then enjoying a week of R & R with our friends, but it was my husband who developed a severe ear infection.  Obviously, flying is a very bad idea in the circumstances.  So we had to cancel the arrangements.

I'm not bitter.  No.  Not bitter at all.

The silver lining - the contract offered by Lysandra Press - is currently still in place. Phew.


Pauline Barclay said...

Gilly I am so sad to hear your holiday was cancelled. I admit to wondering why you were Blogging as I thought you should be on hols. Sending BIG hugs and our sunshine to. xx

Gilli said...

Thanks Pauline.